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Children sweaters for zach and jia.

new hobby

Painting mark
Inspired by a photo from yahoo news photo

Thank you paper53:). I’m so happy!
And thanks for all notes. I really like this one.

Indian girl


rui0531 said: Hi! Great job! I became your follower at the first sight! Is your hand in the photo? Almost left hand? You know,When I paint nails by myself it's difficult to make the right looks like the left? How you finish the complex job both your hand?


Hello! thank you so much! Yep, all designs are done by me, on me, and majority of the nails are of my left hand (im a righty). I’m still working on being ambidextrous, but i find it helpful when I do the design first with my dominant hand because it’s easier for me to try and reverse it, having completed the design already…. like muscle memory or something :)

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